About Audienture

At Audienture I want to bridge the gap between your marketing use cases and Mautic’s capabilities so that your business can achieve its marketing objectives more efficiently.

This is why I aim to create the most practical, beginner-friendly advice and solutions that are valuable for pros, too.

Let me help you save time by providing strategies, templates and more that work—and you can just take and use.

Hey there, welcome to Audienture!

Who am I?

I'm Tobias, the face behind this adventure. I stumbled upon Mautic around 2019 while looking for a solid email and newsletter solution that didn’t just serve its purpose but also aligned with my long-standing passion for open-source projects. (Yup, I’ve been a Linux user since I was 14—that’s over two decades now!)

My Journey with Mautic

My fascination with Mautic began when I needed a robust email/newsletter platform for my private woodworking (I love the smell of freshly cut wood) blog.

What started as a personal project expanded to managing Mautic setups for a few friends who are freelancers. And as they come up with ideas, I get challenges to tackle.

You probably know this:

I love the power of Mautic, but let’s be honest: It can be a bit of a beast to tame from time to time.

What I missed were straightforward tutorials and some background info on why things worked (or not) the way they worked.

That’s exactly why Audienture came to life.

The Birth of Audienture

I launched Audienture—a blend of 'audience' and 'adventure'—in 2023.

My goal?

Make using Mautic as easy as possible to achieve your digital marketing goals.

What is Audienture All About?

Audienture is about bridging the gap between Mautic's capabilities and your practical marketing applications.

I try to write each article with a beginner's mind. On every hiccup and discovery along my way with Mautic I take notes.

I do this, so you get the most practical, beginner-friendly advice and solutions. Not only that, but I even dive into the source code to understand how things really work.

What's in Store for You?

Currently, I focus on insightful blog articles. I plan to roll out video series in the future. Some content is free, while premium articles require membership—both free and paid versions are available.

Your contributions help me keep the server running and, hopefully, will soon fund further development, like creating plugins or even directly contributing to Mautic's core itself.

Premium Membership

By signing up, you'll get access to the full archive of everything that's been published before and everything that's still to come.

All of the premium content is tailored to save you time. Time you'd need to invest to find a solution for the problem I write about.

And, of course, you can always ask me to write something tailored. If you have a problem, I might be able to solve it.