Mautic 5: Key Gotchas and How to Navigate Them

Long awaited Mautic 5 is finally here šŸ„³ Ready to install?

Mautic 5 comes with some significant changes. Because of at least one you might want to wait for a bit before you updateā€”as you could, for example, accidentally destroy your sender reputation.

With great changes come great challengesā€”or something like that...

Here's a list of things you need to be aware of before updating.

  • How the switch to Symfony mailer transports slows your emails sending down and might even accidentally hurt your sender reputation.
  • The need to have and run NPM (Node.js package manager).
  • Removed Mautic core plugins.
  • Changes to transactional email sending.
  • Removing mautic:emails:send.
  • The final death of the froala editor.
  • Special character issues with mailer_dsn.
  • List of known bugs in Mautic 5.