The Perfect Cron Job Setup for Mautic

The Perfect Cron Job Setup for Mautic

Tired of waiting 15 minutes between Mautic's cron job script executions? Are you concerned about the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, because of this delay? Supercharge your Mautic cron jobs and run them with almost no delay. Our performance optimized script runs every minute, removing almost all delays between Mautic cron jobs.

How to Properly Set Up Your Mautic Cron Jobs: An In-Depth Guide
Do you need to set up cron jobs for Mautic, but have no clue what cron jobs are, or which cron jobs are relevant? Are you wondering what correct cron job schedules are? ⏭️TL;DR: Want a perfect cron set up?Check our script that runs the relevant mautic cron
Need a primer on Mautic's cron jobs?

Cron jobs are the unsung heroes of Mautic's marketing automation. They are tirelessly working behind the scenes to ensure your marketing operations run smoothly and efficiently.

By default, they have one huge disadvantage: There is a 15-minute delay between the executions. But if we simply execute the cron jobs more often, they might run in parallel, which bears the danger of data corruption or loss.

What if there was a script that cron could run every single minute, keeping your Mautic business logic updated without causing system overload or conflicts? Well, we've made it happen!

The script ticks all the boxes:

  1. Running All Relevant Business Logic:
    The script runs consistently Mautic's core tasks. That is updating segments and campaigns, triggering campaign actions, and sending all queued messages.
  2. Frequent Execution:
    People are impatient, so, every second counts. We've set up the script to be able to be run every minute.
  3. Preventing Parallel Execution:
    While running the script every minute ensures frequent updates, it's crucial to prevent simultaneous parallel executions that could lead to system overload—or worse conflicts and data corruption or loss. Our script avoids this pitfall. It ensures any previous executions is completed before the next one begins its work.
  4. Error-Proof Execution:
    In any automated system, it's vital that one hiccup doesn't cause a domino effect. That's why we hardened the script. If one execution fails, the script is designed to prevent that failure from impacting subsequent executions—unless Mautic itself causes the failure. Then of course, you still need to step in. This level of resilience means your marketing automation remains robust and reliable, regardless of any temporary issues that may arise.